Recent Exhibitions – Hound Dog

Recent Exhibitions included the Hound Dog Exhibition in Pukekohe. One of my favorite things to paint is dogs. I didn’t want to paint dogs sitting still staring out blankly at the viewer so decided to take our 4 dogs to the beach at Port Waikatu on the West Coast of New Zealand, known for its black sand. The light shinning off the water and wet sand was inspirational as it produced the most beautiful blue colors which I have tried to capture.
The dogs loved their day out and chased each other through the shallow water. Blue our oldest dog and father of the others loves chasing sticks and the others love chasing him. One of the paintings shows Blue carrying a large piece of wood with BJ (Blue Junior) trying to help. At one point Blue had help from BJ at one end and Brontie at the other but that’s a painting for another day.
I loved the movement captured when the dogs shook water off themselves and two paintings later we have Blue and Brontie shaking water.
A man with a small dog walked past and I was captured by the enthusiasm and joy the little dog was showing. The man agreed that I could take some photo’s and another Painting was created.
The exhibition was a success and opening day included well behaved dogs.